Canada Day: Not Quite Hostile

I just spent 24 hours belittling Bill Simmons and Dave Eggers in every form fathomable for pimping out tuna melts from behind a flimsy disguise. That anger and the idea of a Canada Day, our tenth together, without an update, fired up the highfalutin Forget editorial cycle:

June 30, 2011
9:35 PM
Miguel: Updates?

9:53 PM
Miguel: Seriously? What’s up with that?

11:03 PM
Miguel: I got some shit

11:36 PM
Miguel: Don’t fuckin’ start with me man.

July 1, 2011 (Morning)

12:03 AM
Kent: Go for it then. I can post if u got the words I can do the pics. Otherwise I got no plans to update.

12:04 AM
Miguel: Done

Kent: Won’t happen til tomorrow afternoon at the earliest, but I am down.

Miguel: Is anybody else planning on posting?

Kent: No

Kent: You ok?

Miguel: Honestly, maybe never better.

Kent: Me too

12:06 AM
Miguel: Canada Day. It has to be.

July 1, 2011 (Afternoon)
12:16 PM
Miguel: Let’s do this

1:10 PM
Miguel: ???

Kent: What? Send me the words and I will get it together later.

Miguel: I hate you so much.

Kent: Right back at you

Ten years in and Forget still burns. Ten years of a Canadian web original; couldn’t let that go by without letting the world know they’re all still just trying to catch up. We recently found these two beauties, one old, one new, digging up the broken glass of Chinese apothecaries and chasing the ghost of Ginger Goodwin down Dunsmuir Street in the Village of Cumberland, BC. Makes us remember, even ten years in and now with mouths to feed and bullshit to throw to make it so, who we are. Truth is, there’s no way to Forget. Dig it

Miguel Strother is exchanging pleasantries for truth.

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: July 1, 2011
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canada day, 2011

Not Quite HostiLe

canada day
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