Origin Story

De-bus-sy, Claude 1862-1918; Fr Composer
De-but n.1 a first public appearance 2 the formal introduction of a girl in society—vi. To make a debut
Deb-u-tante n. [[Fr]] a girl making a debut in society
Dec. December
Deca- [[ < Gr deka, ten ]] combining form ten Also-dec-
Dec-ade n. [[< Gr deka, ten ]] a period of ten years

From Webster’s New World Dictionary, 1988 ed.

The history was fine-boned and elegant. “Clair-de-Lune” was being played on a piano in the background. It was one of those literati events with the chocolate fountains. Kent said: I have an idea for an internet magazine. Mike said: I will hear you out in one second, sir, but first I have to see about a girl.

It wasn’t like that at all. Excuse me, folks. The Origin Story is always muddied by the marvelous order of words.

Happy tenth anniversary, Forget.  Many thanks to its contributors and readers.

And to the young man Andre Miguel Bruyneel, born December 15th, 2010, welcome to the world.


Nick Thran, not Jimmer Fredette.

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Let Me Explain This Painting
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