Origin Story

We’re getting pushed deeper
                                    into the swamp.

We’re in retreat
            with evaporated milk.

We’re hiding in the mangrove
                                    roots, listening

  as the occasional dragonfly
        whips past like a musket ball.

Then the occasional musket ball
                        shatters a root and wood flies

like insects.
   And in the following silence

we’re looking at those limes
                                    growing everywhere,
    the more you look.

We’re thinking about
                those advancing hunters.

We’re thinking
   about our last minutes after days
           holed up in the alligator heat.
We’re thinking about

                        a final feast in the siege,
because we’ve got these tins

of evaporated milk,
    and limes to be less tart.

Robert Earl Stewart uses and endorses Labine Telejagmasters.

Published On
: February 14, 2011
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Volume 5, Issue 5
valentine's day, 2011

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