Let Me Explain This Painting

when one curl for each
ear of yours unmooring
grays slowly
out of brown
as if for years a decision

growing of who
leans forward more
and longer and
survives it as wisdom

I and the armies concur

as windmills and punishment
wheels at the feet
of Jerusalem go gray
in distance and a lecturer

would open the word grisaille the gray
simulacrum here and earthy
brown on the outside of the altar

but you can’t see that inside
the Prado and instead in a green
hilltop grove two horses
saddled and ridden and totally
still I argue just before the ambush


Jennifer Nelson sweats the technique.

Published On
: February 14, 2011
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Volume 5, Issue 5
valentine's day, 2011

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Let Me Explain This Painting
by Jennifer Nelson

Let Me Explain This Painting
by Jennifer Nelson

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