Let Me Explain This Painting

given a garden I marched to your face
while belted into a maiden
form so fertile
I might have exploded
for want of immediate sin
so I aimed
my head with its explosive
mouth at your face

till it sprang veins and turned
unstill and explained

you: and I felt the remove
of your explanation

as this painting

set in a twilight of surprisingly stable
cobalt blue for its age a gentle
allegory with incest

and as we approach the central encounter
of mother and child
we may blame

the cracks not on age but on perhaps
the ruddier underpainting of his face
perhaps done wet-in-wet
to model his hale cheek

for her paler face has fewer
marks of uneven drying

her mouth is split
with teeth and tongue

and his mouth’s ready but I think
they aren’t kissing yet I think
he’s reading her aloud


Jennifer Nelson is in the atelier.

Published On
: February 14, 2011
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Volume 5, Issue 5
valentine's day, 2011

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Let Me Explain This Painting
by Jennifer Nelson

Let Me Explain This Painting
by Jennifer Nelson

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