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Day 9
Everything Big in Texas

JC: Man, Kelly was such an asshole sometimes. Remember that girl at the bar, the one with the little red shirt and the big tits? She was about nineteen? Remember, I was picking her up, and I left for one minute, come back and she's left with Gruber.

DW: Yeah.

JC: And what was the reason he gave me the next day?

DW: I don't know.

JC: Remember? It was what he gave as a reason for everything.

DW: What? That men from Texas have big dicks?

JC: No, not that . . . (laughing) 'cause they grow everything big in Texas.

DW: Yeah, I wish he'd come around more often. Kelly's a good guy. Funny as hell.

JC: He won't though. He says he doesn't want to sit around talking about the old days like a bunch of old folks.

DW: He's no younger than we are.

JC: No, but he's spending all his time chasing younger women around with money. As if, if he stops chasing, that means something.

JC: Yeah, funny guy. You remember what he said after he hit for the cycle?

DW: "I'm gonna break Eckersley's legs!"

JC: No, man, that was when he got beaned.

DW: (laughing) Yeah, yeah, they had to bring the medic on the field cause he was old cold?

JC: And the first thing he says when he wakes up:

DW: (together) I'm gonna break Eckerley's legs.

* * * * *

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