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By Kent Bruyneel and Mike Saturday

This is three emails sent between us. The first two are from a time back where the concept of us doing a "Magazine" (as they say in the "Media") was first being mentioned. They are displayed unedited, so no need to mention the mistakes. It is "all" filed under "CC. ForgetMagazine" for those of you that are filing, or something like that which we will change and edit later: in a month or so when we read it one night and decide it is stupid, and get embarrassed that yes we do make spelling mistakes, and say stupid things and speak when we should listen, all the time. They are in part a discussion of how to work a "Portal" into the magazine. Just so's you know we, too, have our head shoved up our asses more than every so often; and if you read closely you will see the foundation of what you are now looking at. Well, not what you are now looking at which is a picture of me. Drunk. But what you are looking at all the other days. Good.

Speaking of asses, Mike wants to start something called "forget.museum"-a site dedicated to "showing people's asses, but in the same hi-design format." Anyway, you won't be seeing any "portal" or anything as stupid as that here or anywhere else. It was really just a passing notion that we abandoned almost immediately. I wonder what we were thinking (ch-ching): good thing the Internet's dying stopped all that. Also, at the end there is a letter Mike sent me lately called "we have robots to do our shit work", and we do.


From: "Mike Lecky"
To: "kent bruyneel"
Subject: new boxlor. its ready. its vulgar.
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 14:42:08 -0400

yeah, its ready. i've got it on a disk, i'll bring it by tomorrow. its good.

how much room do we have aside from the photos and stuff, to put something else, like credits or something?


as far as the site we talked about. i think we need to decide a couple things.

1) we have to decide whether its going to be a webzine or a portal/tool a webzine would be like island edition (except much better obviously) mostly articles and interviews and stories etc. A portal/tool site would be something where we could have a zine as part of it, but it would be mostly a site where you would go to check mail, chat, search for people, find out the weather, shit like that.

2) we need a focus. i'd like to appeal to as many people as possible, but we can't be all over the place. we need to come up with an idea of what we want to be about. some suggestions: music, PEI, youth (under 30 everything).

what i'm thinking is we just need to have an audience who wants to read the whole thing. as far as a portal/tool site, i think PEI related would be our best especially if we want to find funding anywhere. personally, i think music would be a more interesting choice for a zine format.

let me know what you've been thinking. i've got some more ideas, but we really need to decide how we're going to go with everything, and then from there we can work on more specific things.


and about record label funding. i could definitely use what ever info you've got on that. we're looking to release "a reason why"s CD early next year. we could use some cash for that.

anyway, get back to me. 569-5584 if you dont have my #, i'll see you at the meeting tomorrow.



To: Mike Lecky
From: Kent Bruyneel
Suject: Re: new boxlor. its ready. its vulgar.


I was about to write you, as far as Boxlor goes we should have lots of room for other shit, Do you have a logo or something? Jeff is a deadly production monkey so I am sure he can work out something you and jo are happy with.

As for the site I think music is a good way to start, particularly because it is portable, and eliminates the problems associated with being in PEI.

As for the portal/Zine question, I see it as definitely a combination of the two. That is where Kirby was heading before he fucked off, now that oaf running it has no idea about hypertext so it is dead in the water.

As for as the presentation I see the site as being 2/3 content 1/3 portal, make sense? The idea of focusing on PEI as a portal is a good place to start but, in my experience, it is a straight road to fuck all. PEI, if used as a model, can serve to iron out the kinks for the larger presentation, but as a market for appealing to big numbers, it is negligible.

I see the publication side as appealing across the broadest of possible spectrums. A magazine. Perhaps, as you say, we would be better to find a focus but my thought on that has always been to focus on culture, because culture allows for so much room, culture embodies technology and music and youth, and all kinds of shit, which I know is pretty broad, but this allows for lots of different people to contribute. The more I think about it, and I am thinking out loud a little here, I think that music may end up being a little limiting as well, if we do not combine it with other things. I know Matt Good will not write about music, not that that means anything. If we can give people an open door to write about cool things, they will, and if we can make the portal unobtrusive and easy as fuck to use, then the two side can co-exist nicely.

I am talking about something as diverse as The Cadre, but not student focused, and using the Internet for what it is good for, tru hypertext, ...your game.

The principal advantage I have on the Editorial side is I know tons of writers. I see the thing as having a "page one" that would probably be a feature, maybe a music interview/story, and having sections for news, editorial, sports, humor, and features...a wide base.

Can the portal side, as you see it take place in an interface that consumes no more than 1/3 of any screen?

As for basing it out of PEI for funding reasons this is not a bad idea for beginners b/c PEI funds these kinds of things better than most, but private funding here is not as plentiful as elsewhere. I see this as being the kind of thing that is portable, so you can be in Hali, or I can be in Vancouver and the product can still be kept together. Is that how you see it?

As or record funding the place to start is with Cultural Development. If you can, before the meeting tomorrow, go to the Shaw building downtown and pick up any applications they have under the heading of "Cultural Development" and I will help you fill them out. This is where I got the bulk of our funding.




Some time passes


To: Kent Bruyneel
From: Mike Saturday [ForgetMagazine.com]
Subject: we have robots to do our shit work

it is 6:16 am and i am still awake. a night of breaking things, stealing things, eating from the garbage, and breaking into things. like all nights should be. skull team. i have cuts that are full of grime. i'll clean them when i wake up. possibly. depending on moods.

i bit a fat kid today. i climbed through underground muddy tunnels and i drove around crazily listening and shouting S-Club. I broke into a building, and my good fortune directed me right to a "Men Dating Younger Women" trading card. Go figure.

I'm home and the sun rose beautifully. Tomorrow I'll clean for hours; my car my house my body.

In the words of my man, Puffy:

Can't nobody hold us down.

Mike Saturday.

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