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31 Days of Kelly Gruber
by Matthew Dorrell and Kent Bruyneel

Day 1
You Are Kelly Gruber

Day 2
A Transcript of a Conversation With George Bell, Which Has Been Recorded For No Good Reason, And Then Censored, Also For No Good Reason

Day 3
The Kelly Gruber Diet

Day 4
Kelly Gruber {Topps Photo}

Day 5
It's a bleary-eyed Kelly Gruber

Day 6
The Living Room Dealer (or You're no Chili Davis)

Day 7

At the Beach

Day 8

An Uncensored Transcript of a Conversation on the Nature of Time,With Moises Alou

Day 9

Everything Big in Texas

Day 10

Still Got the Hands Baby. No Question.

Day 11

Kelly Showed Up at 11am and He's Been Here Since.

Day 12

A Year is Long Enough

Day 13

At the World Series:

Again With The Robe

Day 14

At the World Series:


Day 15

At the World Series:


Day 16
From Gruber Sports & Entertainment

Day 17

No Caution

Day 18

Kelly Slid Smoothly Out of Bed

Day 19

Day Nineteen

Day 20

More From Gruber Sports & Entertainment

Day 21

The Lost Kelly Gruber

Day 22

The Family Man

Day 23

White Bread

Day 24

Yikes and Away

Day 25

On December 8th, 1992 Kelly Gruber Was Traded to the California Angels for Luis Sojo

Day 26

The Future

Day 27
Say It Isn't So

Day 27 - 2
Kelly Gruber Just Called

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