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101. Not yet baby...but every day we're hustling, hustling, hustling.

102. You're gonna have to face it, you're addicted to love.

103. The Polish Rifle, in Winter.

104. When you're the only Canadian Major Leaguer of your generation, you're the best Canadian Major Leaguer of your generation.

105. At this exact moment he is slew footing a waitress at the Olive Garden.

106. "Willie, I know you switch hit but, um, which is your, um, good side?"

107. "All Mr. Lipps got are good sides, baby."

108. You can't be too skinny to throw smoke like Juan Effing Bernguer.

109. Steep and/or deep.

110. "That's right, Doug Smith, just Doug Smith. What, you got jokes?"

111. Somewhere in Finland, Mr. & Mrs. Ojanen are high off their asses still laughing that they named their boy Janne.

112.Wrestling heal in the 90s; now star of super moronic television program about ducks.

113. 50 goal scorer whose success bears no immediate relation to the fact that he once gave me his game stick. Second best best white afro in hockey history!

114. Not really much of a QB; really just coasting off the name his father built, hoping no one will notice he hasn't actually done shit.

115. The Great Gordie Howe.

116. The Great Biff Pocoroba.

117. Top Home Run Hitter in MLB history, pictured sometime before he put on a bunch of weight by eating Andy Van Slyke.

118. Leaf cast-off and owner of the number one ranked white afro in hockey history!

119. Winner of the Caddy Scholarship; banger of Lacy Underall; not easily thrown off game by chants of "Nooooonan, Noooooonan, Nooooonan!"

120. R.I.P. you big Irish bastard.

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Published On: February 14, 2015
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