Beautif: Orpheus after Eurydice

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Member Profile: Orpheus2006. I am 5’5’’ with olive skin and hair with a darkness that lasts. Like all true musicians, my voice outlives my songs. (Excepting the songs I sing for you. They outlast anything inanimate or otherwise.) There is a variety of moth that subsists on the tears of cattle, did you know? Years ago, nobody took the time to inform me, not even during intermission. Knowing this, I more readily would have risked sounding maudlin in asking outright: where are you?

Looking For: Women; Men; Multiple Patterns; Sirens, don’t bother messaging me first, just call; Maenads and vipers need not respond.

Fantasies: What role-playing scenes do you fantasize about? Gods-gods; Gods-mortals; undead-dead. What location do you fantasize about? That dim and quiet whirl for which all things lovely at last go down. Using the location you chose as the best fantasy setting for a sexual encounter, tell us (in detail) about the encounter. Fact or fantasy? I imagine that Pluto wants another show, Sisyphus hopes to again stand resting with his stone at even my faintest whisper, the dog Cerberus whimpers as at a lick of honey, all that once was scrambles through this underworld, pushing together a reason for me to sing, a figure of pumice before which everything stands in relief. And when I reach this figure, she follows me to the surface of a soil that opens up on sunlight. In fact, I lose her. In fantasy, I lose her too.

Ideal Person: Someone who doesn’t mind if the world is an audience, that any windowsill or petal can praise song’s praises. Someone with a wingspan, olden, available. Someone intersected by the historical details often bypassed by myth. Like when Eurydice died her final death, she spoke to me. She said, “It isn’t your voice alone that makes you beautif”—but when I turned to watch the lives her lips lived through with each syllable I saw her palms letting go “farewell,” ten points of light reflected from fingers tearing from my throat this jumble of dissonant chords.

Sexual Interests: What factors are most important to you when looking for a sexual partner? A prolonged look, worn from waiting; fingers that dig at the shoulders as at earth piled into a depth from above; words worth their weight in tunnels. Besides the obvious, what areas of your body do you consider erogenous zones? The region that, when touched, draws the cattle into a year-long cry and all the moths munch at tears until they burst; that whole of a face that turns away from us no matter how we approach it; the element of a song or its singing that, like a poem, is an objection; the torsion of an ending that is never quite reached or, if reached, is never quite the end. Is it true that size matters? Dimension, no. Distance, yes. Do you enjoy talking dirty during sex? What I enjoy is obvious and, yes, it rhymes with bring.

Daniel Tysdal's heart was pure, his head clear.

Published On: February 14, 2008
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Volume 4, Issue 11
february 14, 2008

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